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Family Owned, Family Oriented

Metron Integrated Health Systems has served the West Michigan community with compassionate, quality healthcare services for over 35 years.  Offering sub acute rehabilitation services and sub acute care, Metron helps patients resume healthy, happy, and productive lifestyles.

In his quest to develop a premier healthcare organization which would put the healthcare needs of patients as its primary focus, founder Marvin L. Piersma started Metron Integrated Health Systems. Caring for People became the Metron Integrated Health Systems model and it's tagline.

Locally owned and operated, Metron is the largest non-hospital sub acute health system in the West Michigan area.

Caring For People

Recognized throughout the State of Michigan as a leader in the healthcare field, Metron Integrated Health Systems offers a wide range of specialized nursing services.  Our philosophy combines medical excellence and expertise with a caring customized patient focus.  The result is high quality care with improvement in functional independence.

Each patient has an individualized care plan that is tailored to the patient's unique needs.  Patient care plans are updated regularly to ensure that the patient's goals are being met.  At Metron, you will find a caring professional team ready to make your goals a reality.

Metron's Physiatrist Advantage

A Physiatrist, a physician who is specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation, is an integral part of our team of healthcare professionals whom is focused on maximizing each patient's independence and mobility to ensure individual goals are met.

Metron's highly skilled therapists work with an interdisciplinary clinical team to make sure all your rehabilitation and health care needs are addressed.  Metron's team of therapy professionals provide rehabilitation services up to 7 days a week, enabling patients to return home as soon as possible.

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