Acute Rehabilitation

What is Sub Acute Care?
Sub Acute Care is any skilled nursing and rehabilitation that occurs after a hospital stay. Typically, sub acute care serves to transition the patient from the hospital to home and assists them in the recuperation process.

Sub acute care can include rehabilitation services, specialized care for certain conditions (such as stroke and diabetes) and/or post-surgical care.

On average, how long does a rehabilitation patient stay before returning home?

The length or duration of a patient's stay varies dependent on the individual patient's needs and goals. Some patients have relatively short stays, a week or two, while others may stay for longer.

Depending on your loved ones condition upon arrival, the therapy team along with the nursing team will work closely together to generate the most optimal care plan to ensure your loved one's quick recovery time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, private pay, and commercial insurance. To determine if your insurance is accepted, we invite you to call us at (800) 542-8621.

Who is paying the bill for the patient's care?
It will depend on your loved one's insurance coverages as to who is paying for what services. You are welcome to contact the facility so that the business manager can verify benefits and explain in more detail what is covered and by whom.

How often will my loved one receive therapy?

Therapy is available 7 days a week. Frequency is dependent on patient need and therapist evaluation. Average therapy schedules cover up to 3 hours per day, 5-7 days a week.

How often will my loved one see a doctor?
At Metron, our physicians strive to see patients on a weekly basis, far exceeding the regulatory minimum that states a physician is required to see the patient at least every 30 days for the first 90 and then every 60 days thereafter or as needed. Physician extenders also assist with patient care and can be in the facility multiple days per week.

Do you offer private rooms?

Yes. Most of our facilities have private rooms available for sub acute care patients.  In the event your first choice does not have one available, we can accommodate at another facility until one opens up and your loved one can be safely transferred.

As a patient, am I assigned a consistent team of doctors, nurses, and/or therapists?

Yes, we try to consistently schedule patients with the same clinical team so they can build a relationship of trust, familiarization, and confidence.

When are the visiting hours?

We encourage family members to visit their loved ones anytime – 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days a year. However, we recommend visiting during normal business hours so you have the ability to interact with the key clinical staff to answer any questions you may have in regard to your loved one's care!

Can friends and family members bring food items to a patient?

Yes.  Provided that the food item is within the guidelines and limitations set by our Registered Dietitian and as stated in the plan of care, friends and family members may bring the patient food and snack items.

Can we eat in the dining room with our loved one?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to eat with your loved ones as often as you can.  There is a nominal fee attached to your meal that is specific to the facility.  Contact the business office manager in your corresponding facility and they will be able to help you schedule a meal.

Will patients have telephone and/or internet access?

All sub acute rehab rooms come equipped with private phone access and WiFi internet connectivity. Phones are available on request but may have a nominal fee attached.  The respective Business office of each location can communicate any fees attached to this.

Long term care patients, including respite and hospice care, must provide their own telephone and pay for related phone and internet services.

All patients and/or residents are free to bring their own laptops or tablet devices.

Will patient’s room have a television?

All sub acute rehab rooms come equipped with a television and cable access.

Long term care patients, including respite and hospice care, must provide their own TV and pay for cable service.

What kinds of activities are planned for the patients during their stay?

We have dedicated life enrichment directors on-site that are committed to making a patient's stay an enjoyable one. Activities are specific to each facility. but may include music, fitness activities, religious meetings, and art therapy. If you would like to arrange something special or have a suggestion for an individual or group activity, please feel free to make a suggestion to the Life Enrichment Director.

Should we pick our loved ones laundry up?
If you would prefer to do your loved one's laundry, you may; however, laundry services are available at all the Metron facilities and is included in the room and board for the duration of their stay.

What types of clothing and other items would a patient need?

Patients should have a few sets of comfortable, loose fitting clothes, making sure to label them with your loved ones first name and last initial. For therapy, patients should also bring a pair of comfortable walking/running shoes with a back and rubber soles. No slides or flip flops for therapy.

Other items to think about would be general toiletries and any special needs they may have.  Make sure they are items that can be easily stored and disposed off as necessary.

Is smoking permitted in the facility?

This is a non-smoking facility.

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