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I cannot say enough about the great care and experience that I had at Metron of Cedar Springs.

I came to Metron of Cedar Springs following a knee replacement surgery. I've healed so well and so fast that I will return when I have the other knee surgery.

My Orthopedic surgeon has been extremely pleased with the care I have received. Having a physiatrist overseeing my care was a distinct advantage.

- Former Patient, Cedar Springs

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a blessing you have in the staff of Metron of Belding, South Unit.

My husband came there in January and even before he was admitted, we knew this was going to be somewhere we would be taken care of. EK called me and let me know everything they had to offer and what they would do and what we could expect for him if we decided to come to Belding. And, they delivered everything we were told and more.

I just can't tell you how much I appreciated what a compassionate and caring staff this Unit has. Managers - EK and NA, Nurses - J. and T. and CNA's - K. and J. and many more. I wish I could remember everyone's name because they were all caring and helpful. Every need we had was taken care of as soon as they possibly could manage.

I would also like to thank RC for all the help she gave me with my concerns about the finances. She was patient and very knowledgeable with my many questions.

I have been involved with six different nursing homes with care for my parents, as caregiver for my neighbor, and because of his disease, different changes in homes. Metron of Belding is beyond the best.

There is no way I would have moved him to another nursing home, except Belding was 150 miles from our home. Not only was I not able to see him as often as I wanted to, I was worried about driving that far in the winter months.

Please extend my appreciation for the excellent care they gave to him, and the compassion they showed me every time I called or visited.

- Former Patient's Wife, Beulah, MI
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